Our Patient Transport Service

Patient Transport Service (PTS) is a non-emergency service which conveys a wide range of patients to and from their homes to out-patients’ appointments, clinics, physiotherapy or non-urgent inter-hospital transfers. Most patients who may need special support getting to and from their healthcare appointments can be assisted to ensure they meet their scheduled appointment times.

OSR Medical Ambulance Service can provide private and NHS pre-planned non-emergency transport for patients who have a medical condition or mobility issues that would prevent them from travelling to a treatment centre by any other means, or who require the skills of an ambulance care assistant during the journey.

PTS vehicles are designed for the comfort and safety of the patients and the latest vehicles have more space for wheel-chair users and tail lifts for convenience.

Our crews are trained as Ambulance Care Assistants with specialist knowledge of comprehensive first aid, driving skills and patient moving and handling techniques. Some vehicles are manned with Emergency Care Assistants, who have further training to deal with more complex transfers.

You may be eligible for NHS PTS transport, you can find out by contacting your local NHS Ambulance Service. They will also give you information on how to get help with travel costs.

If you’re not eligible for the NHS PTS Transport OSR Medical can help you with your transport requirements.

Patient Transport Service booking process

We want to make sure you travel as safely and as comfortably as possible to and from your appointment. When booking we will ask you some simple questions about your medical condition and your mobility. The questions are designed to ensure we understand your requirements and we match our transport with your medical needs.

This is a standard assessment in line with our policy and is something that was introduced to ensure that your needs are assessed accurately. We can not book your service without the completed assessment.

Cancelling Booked Transport

To cancel a booking for the next working day please ring 0333 344 6865 as soon as possible at any time.  If the cancellation is for a booking for after the next working day then please ring 0333 344 6865.

What you can expect from us

We understand that going to hospital can be a worrying time for you.

We want your experience of our Patient Transport Service to be comfortable and to run as smoothly as possible. This is why it is important that you know what you can expect when using our services.

You can expect:

  • A service within a timely manner in line with our quality standards.
  • Our staff to carry identification and to introduce themselves to you politely and professionally on arrival.
  • Skilled staff with the knowledge and experience to provide you with a caring, efficient and safe service.
  • To be treated with compassion, dignity and respect at all times.
  • To be escorted and booked into the specific clinic you are attending.
  • Collection from the clinic, back to your home, where we will escort you to your door.

What we expect from you

  • The correct information for your specific requirements to ensure the correct mode of transport is provided for you.
  • To be ready when we arrive.
  • To treat our staff with consideration and respect.
  • That you will let us know as soon as possible if you need to cancel or change your appointment.

Next Steps…

For further information about Patient Transport Services, contact us now!