As a Care Quality Commission registered independent ambulance provider, we pride ourselves on providing a market leading service in all aspects of pre-hospital care.  All of our operational staff undergo a rigorous induction and training programme to ensure they meet our high exacting standards. We take immense pride in our fleet of vehicles, ensuring we use the most suitable equipment for the requirement of our clients. All members of our team have the training and confidence in the equipment supplied to ensure they can do the best for their patients.

Our Story

Damien started OSR Medical Ltd, back in 2018 as a first aid training company. Since then it has grown into OSR Medical Ambulance Service, with the aim of providing outstanding independent ambulance services.

At the heart of our company is a commitment to delivering solutions that support our client’s requirements. Our clinically qualified team deliver our training and frontline services. Our priority is to understand each client’s individual requirements and to build and deliver the right solution for each client. This ethos is what differentiates OSR Medical Ambulance Service from other independent ambulance service providers.

We also employ a team of dedicated, full-time clinicians & instructors, supported by a number of part-time clinical and first aid staff. This gives us great resilience and without whom we would not be able to maintain our high standards. We also work with local businesses to ensure we have the resilience required to ensure we are able to provide the services we supply under any circumstances. If you want more information about our resilience plan, then please use the contact us page to get in touch with us.

OSR Medical Vision & Values

OSR Medical Ltd aims to provide the very best patient centered care, assessment,
treatment, and transport. We aspire to do this through the delivery of our vision, which is led by all of our team, at all levels within the company.


Outstanding Standards, Supporting Our Team and Right Patient Care”

Outstanding Standards:
• We aim to deliver safe, compassionate services and to exceed our patients’ expectations by updating our outstanding standards to match current advice, guidance, evidence, and learning.
• We aim to ensure our patients are given a caring service from our team by using our outstanding standards.
• We aim to ensure our outstanding standards are responsive, by listening to our team and patients’ feedback and learning from things that have gone well and times that they have not.
• We aim to maintain our outstanding standards and ensure they are effective by following our governance and completing audits.
• We aim to maintain our outstanding standards by ensuring our patient facing colleagues are well led by our management team.

Supporting Our Team:
• To continuously deliver safe compassionate services, we will invest in our team by providing high quality training.
• To continuously deliver a caring service, we will ensure an effective recruitment procedure is followed, supporting, and building our team together. Other procedures and policies will encourage equality and diversity within our team.
• To continuously deliver an outstanding responsive service we will, through listening and learning, empower our team to have their voices heard.
• To continuously deliver an effective service, our team will complete regular audits, compliance governance, feedback surveys and help better themselves by completing regular Continued Professional Development (CPD).
• To ensure our team are well led, we will demonstrate assurance that OSR Medical Ltd is compliant with key regulation frameworks from the CQC and our NHS customers. We will also respect the professionalism, diversity, dedication, commitment and skills of each person in our team.

Right Patient Care:
• We will provide the right, safe and effective care to our patients by leading and supporting our team in following our outstanding standards.
• We want to provide the right positive caring experiences for patients by completing the right action, each time, every time by listening effectively to our patients’ needs.
• Listening to our patients’ feedback will provide effective learning to improve our Outstanding Standards and the Right Patient Care to everyone.
• We will strive to ensure each patient has been given a holistic approach and patient centered care by following our Outstanding standards and Supporting our team.